Meet over 50.000 visitors Educators, Teachers, Lecturers, Students, Education decision makers, and Professional


Why Participate ?

IIETE | Indonesia International Education & Training Expo is the biggest education fair in Indonesia that gathers global education resources and provides brilliant opportunities for recruiting students and abundant occasions for promoting universities and other educational institutes from around the world.

01. Indonesia as potential market !

Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world, has high domestic consumption and low public debt. These key strengths make it as a high-potential emerging nation. With a population of more than 261 millions in 2016, Indonesia continues to post significant economic growth.

02. A Meeting point with potential

A MEETING POINT with potential students from local / international school / lecturer / Teacher / HR Managers / Government Officials / Corporates / Professionals, and many more

03. Increase And Generate the market !

INCREASE brand visibility, awareness, and to GENERATE new leads and mobilize enrollment drive

Study finds that young Indonesians are highly motivated to study abroad

Indonesian outbound continues to grow with an emphasis on regional destinations. Over seventy-one (71%) of the Indonesian student had considered study abroad. Whereas the earlier global survey found that younger students are mainly motivated to study abroad by an interest in cultural exploration, the AFS survey for Indonesia observed a distinct orientation toward academic goals.